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There's no denying that foragers are a special kind of people. Like so many others, we love the outdoors, and love walking in the world's wild places, but there's something else that sets us apart - a special kind of quirkiness that makes us unique. That is, of course, our indomitable love of wild plants and mushrooms. Yes. We get excited by caps and gills, by sepals and stamens, by berries and nuts. And who among us can say they're not utterly thrilled by a perfect pellicle, volva, or skirt? Not many, I'm sure! Just like the things we hunt for in the forest, we foragers are wild, colourful, nature-inspired characters, full of squishy natural goodness. And there's absolutely no reason why our foraging threads can't also reflect this uniqueness.

That's precisely why Arthur, Sybbie and I made this shop; so foragers everywhere, whether young or old, can embrace their wild sense of humour, express their quirky personalities, and show the world their perfect, nature-inspired identities. If you or your little one's lack Morels, feel exCEPtional, or want to look super Fly Agaric whilst out on your next foray, then you've certainly landed at the right place!

Check out some of our designs below and visit our shop!

Our Designs

We've worked really hard to bring you the most unique and authentic forging-related designs, from beautiful wild food art prints and music-inspired lyrical masterpieces, to fun, quirky slogans and festive graphics.

Music-Inspired Threads

Art Print Threads

Our Range

We stock a broad range of ethically-sourced foraging threads, from tees and hoodies, to jumpers and tote bags, all produced in a renewable energy-powered factory, audited for a wide range of social and sustainability criteria. Click on the links below to view our full range of Certified Organic cotton men's Women's and Kid's collections.

Look Awesome, Save the Planet!

As a foraging family, we care very deeply about our planet, and we absolutely couldn't team-up with a clothing manufacturer for our products that didn't have sustainability at its heart. That's why we chose Teemill - a UK-based manufacturer that goes the extra mile to ensure that all of the clothes it produces are ethically-sourced, renewably made, and eco-friendly throughout the whole lifecycle of every product. Check out how your new tee will be made below, from where the raw materials are sourced and how they're put together, to how they are packaged and ultimately recycled into new threads.

Responsibly Sourced

Your beautiful new tee is made from responsibly-sourced cotton from small producers in India, ensure safe, positive and fair working conditions and pay.

Organic & Ethical

The cotton is audited to gain an official 100% Certified Organic label. Your Tee is also GM Free and contains no animal derivatives or products tested on animals.

Renewably Made

Your tee is produced in a wind and solar powered manufacturing plant and printed using advanced, low-waste printing technology.

Plant-Based Packaging

Your Tee is shipped in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, made with natural materials. They are rip-proof, splash-proof mailers made from paper.


Your Tee is produced using carbon neutral operations, supported through regular off-setting activities, such as tree planting and other eco campaigns.


Your Tee is part of a circular economy, where you can send them back to the store to be remade into new products. You also gain store credit for doing so!