Eating a Witch's Egg!

What You'll Need

A Witch's Egg!

Witch's Eggs are immature Stinkhorn mushrooms found before they hatch and start to stink!.

A Knife

You'll need a knife to cut open the Witch's Egg. You may need help from your mum or dad for this.


Eating a Witch's Egg is only for brave Bear Cubs. If you've ever found a fully grown, stinky Stinkhorn, then you'll know what I'm talking about!

1. Find a Witch's Egg!

Witch's Eggs are young Stinkhorn mushrooms before they burst out and become horribly stinky. They make themselves smell gross to attract flies, who will spread their spores for them. Witch's Eggs look like big, pale, brown-speckled eggs, and are slightly squishy in your hand. You can usually find them in the woods in late summer and early Autumn, and they'll probably be poking out of the ground. You can see more information, here.

This is a fully grown stinkhorn mushroom. They really pong!

2. Cut Open the Witch's Egg

Once you've collected the egg, get an adult to help you cut it in half using a knife! The insides of the egg are pretty amazing. There'll be a hard, white, coffee-bean-shaped kernel in the centre, which is surrounded by yukky green paste and brown jelly! Using your fingers, pull out the white coffee bean kernel - this is the bit that we're going to eat!

3. Be Brave and Eat it!

The best thing to do is just close your eyes and eat it! It will be crunchy, and taste a bit like a cross between a raddish and a nut. Afterwards, give yourself a pat on the back! You're now officially a member of the Brave Bear Cub Club! Well Done!

If you want to, get your mum or dad to record you eating it, and share it with me on Instagram or Facebook! My video is below!